Dishing on Farmers, Fishers & Bakers Georgetown

Here’s the dish! If you like good food, you’re probably a fan of the farm-to-table concept. After visiting Founding Farmers this summer, I knew I wanted to try the Farmers Restaurant Group’s other concept, Farmers, Fishers & Bakers, on the Georgetown Waterfront (3000 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007). When my DC Metro Church #BrunchBunch planned an outing, I jumped at the opportunity. Those who have followed my food journey know that I love me some brunch; I consider it a 5th food group and my favorite meal of the week. But there are a few things that make me squeal on the inside like nothing else—bottomless mimosas and all-you-can-eat buffets (can you really blame a girl?). While Farmers, Fishers & Bakers doesn’t offer a bottomless drink option, they do offer the latter—a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet experience (because buffet doesn’t do it justice).

For just $29.99 per person, you can eat all your stomach can hold, as well as enjoy complimentary coffee and iced tea. Farmers, Fishers & Bakers also offers a brunch cocktail menu that includes individual and shareable drinks. Their “Farmacy” offers some non-alcoholic concoctions, such as the Scratch Soda I enjoyed while at their sister restaurant, as well as a more extensive offering of coffees and teas. While our table didn’t partake in any cocktails, Farmers, Fishers & Bakers also offers up an extensive “Fishers Tiki” menu with a variety of cocktails, fish bowls, and blended drinks, as well as cocktails blended with proprietary spirits distilled locally. Their libations are a little on the pricier side, ranging from $11 to $15 for individual drinks and $25 for shareable drinks, but they definitely sound delicious and worth trying. But enough about the drinks, let’s get to the main event—the food!

You can immediately become overwhelmed with the amount of offerings at Farmers, Fishers & Bakers (click here to check out their brunch menu). So I suggest you develop a game plan before you hit the field. I went in with no game plan, and I nearly ate myself into a food coma. I kept seeing so many things I liked, so I kept adding them all to my plate. I was nearly full after my overflowing first plate and had to take a moment to let my food settle before returning for a second plate. One of my brunch buddies was prepared and came up with this simple, easy-to-follow game plan:

  1. Make a plate of breakfast foods
  2. Make a plate of lunch foods
  3. Return for your favorites
  4. Finish with dessert (if there’s room)

Gardeners Table

The Gardeners Table at Farmers, Fishers & Bakers serves up a a large offering of yummy salads, chock full of seasonal ingredients. Because I visited at the end of the summer season, the Gardeners Table featured a very delicious Watermelon Salad and Kale Salad. If you love grapefruit like I love grapefruit, you will go crazy for their Brûléed Pink Grapefruit, which is topped with sugar and caramelized to perfection with a blow torch. I seriously ate three halves, and you all know how I feel about dishes that involve blow torches. They are always worth trying! Even people in my party who didn’t love grapefruit that much enjoyed this variation of the fruit, so definitely pick you up one (or three) on one of your visits to the buffet.

Butchers Table

The Butchers Table is where you can go zero to 100 real quick! They prepare fresh guacamole table side and offer up some pulled chicken and pork, tortilla chips, homemade taco shells (soft and crispy), and all the fixin’s for tacos and nachos. They offer hearty starch sides, including Farm-a-Roni (their take on Rice-a-Roni), Cheesy Grits, and Breakfast Jambalaya. But don’t go too crazy, because at the end of the table is the pot of gold—the Honey Pot Fried Chicken. Farmers, Fishers & Bakers fry up their chicken to perfection and drizzle it with delicious honey. I was amazed that, even after being drizzled and sitting on a buffet line, the chicken remains deliciously crispy. I didn’t have time to ask about their frying process, but know that this is a non-negotiable. You MUST try their fried chicken on your visit. You’ll thank me later!

Carving Table

The Carving Table offers more than its name gives on. As you would assume, Farmers, Fishers & Bakers offers up hand carved Slow Roasted Chuck Eye and House Cured Ham, but the Carving Table is also home to other brunch staples, including an egg station with pre-made and made-to-order scrambles and Sweet Bread French Toast. The French Toast was one of my favorites. Presented on griddles and served with a delicious Bananas Foster sauce, the French Toast literally melts in your mouth. If you think you might not like the sauce, I would still encourage you to taste it before writing it off. It boasts a rich caramel flavor with chunks of perfectly ripe banana in it.

Other Highlights

In addition to all the food at the buffet that you can help yourself to, servers also walk around with Traveling Trays of Eggs Benedict, Pizza, Sushi, and Fishers Fry (assortment of fried seafood). I, unfortunately, did not have room to sample any of these, but they looked delicious, and based upon the rest of the food there, I’m sure they taste delicious too. I also never made it to the Dessert Bar, but I passed it on the way to the bathroom. With a variety of cakes, pies, and other sweet treats made from scratch each day, you’re sure to find something to tickle your sweet tooth. I managed to over indulge on what I can say are some of the best Cinnamon Rolls I’ve ever tasted. The hot, light, fluffy, ooey, and gooey rolls are also served at each table upon arrival. I seriously had about four of them; they didn’t stand a chance.

The best advice I can give you if you plan on visiting Farmers, Fishers & Bakers is to have a plan, pace yourself, and wear nonrestricting clothing, such as leggings or a moo moo. You’ll thank me later!

Until next time, folks. Keep dishing!

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