Dishing on Birch & Barley 14th Street

Here’s the dish! Two of my friends invited me to an impromptu brunch at Birch & Barley over President’s Day weekend. I was excited to try something new on 14th Street, so I joined them at Birch & Barley. The space is small and intimate, and the atmosphere is great for a date night. I really loved the lighting in this restaurant. The hanging lights and candles on the wall in the main room give the effect that everything is floating, and it really adds to the intimacy of the space.

We didn’t have a reservation since it was an impromptu outing, so our options were the “chef’s counter” or the bar. Now, I’ve dined at Michelin star restaurants, so when I hear “chef’s counter,” what I have in mind is a curated culinary experience with a possible view of a pristine gourmet kitchen. However, at Birch & Barley, the chef’s counter is just a bar seat with a view of the kitchen, which wasn’t so pristine. It wasn’t a site one would desire to see while eating, so we quickly relocated to the main bar, which was a much better view: their vast selection of draft beer.

I was pleased to learn that they offer a 3-course, pre fixe brunch menu for only $25, which is a great deal! Only one person in our party participated, ordering Deviled Eggs, the Breakfast Sandwich, and Hazelnut Cookies. I indulged in the Birch Burger, while the third in our party ordered the Lobster Omelette. There were no complaints with the food, and we all finished our plates, but I doubt I would order that burger if I revisited again. I would definitely order from the pre fixe menu next time, which features their Fried Chicken & Belgian Waffle. I would also like to give this place a visit for dinner.

Until next time, keep dishing!

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