Blogger. Wannabe Chef. Food Connoisseur.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Ga., Kat is the epitome of a southern belle and has been in the kitchen since she was eight years old. With roots stemming from Florala, Ala., Kat’s maternal grandmother set the bar high by putting her own twist on traditional southern recipes. Always under her grandmother and mother in the kitchen, Kat mastered these family recipes at an early age and began to wow her fellow taste testers shortly after.

In college, Kat would host monthly dinners with friends in the lounges of the American University dorms she resided in. After college, she continued the tradition for friends and family. As Kat grew older and more health conscious, she began to rework her traditional, southern recipes from her family into more healthy options, as well as explore more clean recipes.

In 2014, Kat was introduced to food subscription boxes, and it was love at first bite. She enjoyed cooking with new ingredients and trying recipes she might not have attempted on her own. After posting delicious dish after dish, Kat’s friends encouraged her to start a blog. After a year of procrastinating, she launched thedishwithkat.com in July 2015.

Be sure to follow The Dish With Kat on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! You can also email her at thedishwithkat@gmail.com.

Happy cooking!

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