Dishing on Medium Rare Capitol Hill

The Capitol Hill location of Medium Rare has closed. Other locations remain open in Arlington, Bethesda, and Cleveland Park.

Here’s the dish! I’m not sure how I’ve been back in D.C. for more than two years and had no idea there was a restaurant that serves only steak. How did I not get this memo?! If you love steak like I love steak, you definitely need to check out Medium Rare. I visited the Capitol Hill location (515 8th Street, SE, Washington, DC 20003) this past weekend with my DC Metro Church Brunch Bunch, and I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the Medium Rare dining experience.

Their $24 prix fixe brunch menu includes their infamous rustic bread; a first course option of a yogurt parfait, fruit salad, or side salad; an entree, and—wait for it—bottomless Bloody Marys, Mimosas, and Screwdrivers! If you prefer the non-boozy brunch, you have the option of unlimited fresh-squeezed orange juice (with pulp) and coffee. I’m a supporter of the bottomless brunch experience, and this one of the best deals I’ve come across in the D.C. area. I don’t know anywhere else you can get steak this good for $24, let alone unlimited cocktails with it. Did I mention my steak was so tender, I could cut it with a fork?! Beyond the delicious food, the overall experience was delightful. We had a group of 15 people, which was a bit more than expected. They accommodated us by seating our additional guests at the corner of the bar, which was right next to our table. Our server, Summer, was very attentive, which is refreshing, because often when dining with a large group, you can feel neglected. She catered to our every need, which included never allowing my mimosa glass to get empty. That’s always a great sign when a restaurant offers bottomless cocktail options! Additionally, even with a large group, our food seemed to come out from the kitchen fairly quickly. I’m used to waiting when it’s a large group, but all of our food was served in about 20 to 25 minutes, which is pretty darn impressive. I really like their concept of sticking to what they do best—steak! Sometimes restaurants can over extend themselves, and they end up with some menu items that are hits and others that are misses. Everything we ordered at brunch was a hit. I also felt like their portions were hearty but not overfilling. I noticed their branded plates (a nice touch, I might add) were somewhere between the size of traditional salad and dinner plates. I was fulfilled, but I didn’t feel stuffed when I left, which was great because I went to a film screening afterwards. Additionally, I loved the simplistic sophistication of their decor. While their tables feature white table cloths with an overlay of Medium Rare-stamped butcher paper, it maintained a rustic feel rather than a pretentious one. Adding to the rustic atmosphere were a wooden wall and chalkboard wall that promoted their social media presence. Speaking of their social media presence, I was ecstatic to have co-owner Mark Bucher favorite and retweet my teasers about my upcoming review of the restaurant. Their website also features a marquee of their tweets on the About page, which as a social media maven, I think is a nice touch. Be sure to go follow Medium Rare on Instagram and Twitter! I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a big thank you to our wonderful Brunch Bunch leaders John and Brandy! Thank you for finding great places for us to experience! I also have to shout out Katie and Laura who helped me photograph many of the plates featured, and especially Laura for allowing me to taste her delicious, melt-in-your-mouth French Toast. Until next time, folks. Keep dishing!

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