And The Blue Apron Boxes Go To…

Thank you all so much for participating The Dish With Kat’s first-ever Blue Apron giveaway! I’m please to announce that the winners of the free Blue Apron boxes are:

AshleyAshley D. from Putnam, Conn.

Ashley taught herself how to cook when she got married. She admits it’s been a long road, but she considers herself a pretty good cook now. She loves trying new recipes and is eager to try Blue Apron’s recipes with her family.


EmneyEmney H. from Southwest, Mo.

Emney recently learned about Blue Apron. She is most excited about taking the thinking out of the meal prep process; she’s looking forward to Blue Apron being her personal planner and grocery shopper for the week. She’s really excited to for her family to try something new!


KatieKatie B. from Vista, Calif.

Recently married, Katie is most excited to have fresh ingredients at her fingertips to prepare delicious, fresh meals for her family. She can’t wait to get cooking and share her culinary creations with her followers.


Congratulations to all the winners of this month’s giveaway! I can’t wait to see what they cook up! Stay tuned for more from their Blue Apron experience, and as always, happy cooking!



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